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Strong Women

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We all know strong women. Maybe your mom comes to mind. Women that have grit and tenacity and are willing to go towards the unknown because it matters to them and to who or what they believe in.

In May, we are honored and so blessed to have Nurses With Purpose come to hold a Free Medical Clinic at our Kenyan school, Calvary Hope.

I definitely call these women “strong”. They are sacrificing their time and gifting their knowledge to help people in our community.

So many people cannot afford to go to a hospital or a clinic. So many suffer and even die. Some stand in line for hours to be seen by a doctor and then get turned away.

These strong women, Nurses With Purpose, are partnering with Kenya REAL to help as many as they can. We praise God for this opportunity and we thank Him for each nurse!

Would you pray with us for the safety of each nurse. Pray that many come to be seen by these qualified nurses. Pray they stay healthy themselves so they can better serve those in the community.

We are praying for great healing to happen! We know there is a big need and we are praying to our Big God to supply, equip, and empower these nurses.

Besides the healing we are praying for, we want our youth—girls and boys—to see the potential they themselves have to become someone who can help and heal and serve others. The Nurses With Purpose will also be sharing their time and knowledge with the youth. There is a big gap and a big need for the youth and especially the girls. Pray with us that some way, some how our girls will be impacted positively. Praying they will feel heard and seen and loved.

May 16-21 will be the dates of the Medical Mission Clinic. Thank you Nurses With Purpose! Sue Ann Brunty (another strong woman) will be right along side as the clinic goes on. Thank you Sue Ann for your sacrifice of time to see this necessary mission happen! We look forward to building REALationships.

Micah 6:8 “See that justice is done, let mercy be your first concern, and humbly obey your God.”

Kenya REAL Ministries

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