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Prayer Partners

CHOSEN Program

We feel pretty special when we are chosen. This coming fall, we are heading to Kenya with the opportunity to take YOU along with us.  For the second time, our children in Kenya get the privilege of choosing you as their Prayer Partner!


Our mission for the CHOSEN Program is one of commitment and sponsorship. We ask you to commit to pray for one of our children and also gift them with a year of education at our Calvary Hope School. Not only is this an incredible opportunity to "meet" a child in Kenya, but also to know that you and the child will be talking to the same Heavenly Father about each other, even though you are oceans away! 

Click on the buttons below and they will take you to our CHOSEN Goals page and also our 

CHOSEN Application. When you complete the application, please send it and your photo to:



The gift of being chosen is priceless. We will take your picture along with us to Kenya. On a string of twinkling lights, we will clip your photo. With anticipation, children will come into the room, a few at a time, and they'll see faces smiling back at them! One by one, they'll choose a picture. They will choose YOU! 

As they hold your picture in front of them, we will take a photo and make sure we get that to you. They will have your picture and you will have a picture of them holding you. And both of you will hold each other in prayer. 

You will also know that you are giving the gift of education, two hot meals a day, and the gift of hope. Thank you for being part of our CHOSEN Program! 

Ephesians 6:18

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