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You can make a difference wherever you are in the world. For the children of Kaptembwa, Kenya, the key to their future rests in the gospel-centered education provided by Calvary Hope School. 

Tangible Needs

Sponsoring Calvary Hope School is a powerful way to empower the kids and the Teachers. Beyond getting a solid education, Sponsorship provides TWO hot meals a day, uniforms and text books for these children. 

Excellent Teaching

Calvary's amazing Teachers are professionals with hearts dedicated to teaching the next generation of Kenyan leaders. They are positive role models and create a safe environment  where these kids can thrive and build a better future. Your sponsorship will help pay their salaries.

Brighter Futures

With your help, the school can continue to expand and bring in more children in need, equipping them not only with the tools to succeed in the future but with the hope that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

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If you are interested in Sponsoring the School and our Teachers, please click the link below and consider dedicating $5 or $500! Every gift matters and you will be letting each child and Teacher know they matter!

Thank you for joining with us to Grow The School.
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