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About Us

Leading the Charge

Meet Pastor Henry, and his wife, Eunice. These are two very hard working people that find their joy in serving God first, right where they are at. They are the people on the ground in Kaptembwa.


Pastor Henry started Kenya REAL in 2001. He felt that God placed him in Kaptembwa - the fourth largest slum in Kenya - to bring lasting Hope to the people there.

People exist from one day to the next. Food is hard to get. Water is scarce. Homes are without electricity and plumbing. But when people come together from across the globe, a church gets built, a school gets started, a feeding program begins, and children are empowered to learn and grow in a safe environment. 

Nurturing the Community

Education is central to growth and future success which is why Calvary Hope School places a high priority on growing minds in knowledge and in faith. When you support the feeding program and the school, you are helping to provide food for hungry minds to focus and grow, as well as the means to support gifted teachers who pour into the lives of Kaptembwa's next generation of difference-makers.

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