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Calvary Hope School Sponsorship

With your help, the gateway to a brighter future for the children of Kaptembwa is within reach! Donations toward the school provide a life-changing education for children whose families are struggling financially and salaries for our incredible teachers who not only teach the mind, but also minister to the soul.

Our school is growing and permanent block buildings need to be built. Phase 1 has been completed by people like you who are love in action!!

Next is phase 2.

It consists of more needed classrooms, a mandatory office, and a dorm room for our girls who have an unstable environment at home.  We need $35,000.00 to complete this project. 

Join our #growtheschool campaign and invest in a solid, growing environment for these children living in Kaptembwa slum. Just think about how your donation gift is impacting kid's lives through education! You will change their lives--and in doing that, your life will change too!

You can partner with us to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Kenya. With a donation of just $20/month, you can provide a child with both schooling and two meals a day. The difference you make in a child's life is REAL and lasting. 

Sponsor A Child

Feeding Program

Starvation is a reality known to the community of Kaptembwa, this is one of the first struggles which Kenya REAL sought to provide a way out of. What started as a promise of a single meal two times a week has expanded into two nutritious meals five days a week, thanks to generous donations.

More children are coming to our school and that means more hungry mouths to feed! It is a privilege to be a part of feeding our kids and we need your help to continue this most vital work! 

Grow The School Project

Space is limited, but the possibilities are real! We need to expand to provide the space for more students at Calvary Hope School. Progress has been made, but there is still great ground to cover.

As of July 1, 2021 the Ground Floor and the Kitchen are completed! Windows are in, electricity is on, and children are at the desks and learning about themselves and the world God made. God is good! 

The next step is to build the next floor (2nd). Our Goal is to have a Two-Story School Building! Right now, we need $35,000. The Second floor will have the mandated Office more classrooms for the children, and a Dorm Room for teen girls with unstable home lives. 

We hope to be able to have Science Classes taught which is knowledge each child deserves. Science opens their minds to God's creation and how everything and everyone has a purpose!  

$35,000 is what is needed to get this next floor built. Thank you for impacting children's futures!

YOU have helped us reach our goals before. Because of your generosity, we have a library, a beautiful kitchen, eight new bathrooms, and four new classrooms, and a safe secure fence around our school! To God be the glory! Now we are asking you to partner with us again to raise $35,000 for the 2nd floor.

Continue to pray with us and support #growtheschool. When you get in there with us, partner with us, you are part of changing lives for the better. Education means hope. Self-sustainment brings dignity. And love? keeps growing, never to remain the same. 

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