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A CNN Hero at our school!

Find out what she wants to help us with!

Computers. They are not going away but not everyone has access to them! Nelly Cheboi, from Kenya, won 2022 CNN's Hero of the Year award because she has a philanthropic soul. She came from poverty and knows what it is like to not have access to computers and all they can do. Wanting to make sure Kenyan students have the option to learn the vast knowledge a computer can give and have their minds opened, she wants to give computers to OUR students! Wait! What!? Yes, you read that correctly.....Calvary Hope School has the opportunity to have free computers available and classes! Nelly blessed our school and came out to evaluate if there is a need and how she can help. What is the criteria for being able to have the computers?

  1. No existing computers or classes

  2. Students

  3. A room to have tables/desks and the computers in

Here's where we have an immediate need....we do not have number 3. We have no space or room that has electricity for this gift of free computers! You have always cared about our students. You have always leaned in and closed the gap. It's rather an urgent matter. The offer of free computers won't last because other schools need them too. We need to build a room with windows, electricity, brick walls, and a secure door. $3000.00 USD This is the amount needed. Please, while you are reading my email, would you send a gift--any amount will be a blessing! or a check to: Kenya REAL, 12750 Pronghorn Oak San Antonio, TX 78253 Thank you in advance! You will be building a brighter future for our 289 students! And God is glorified!

"Nelly Cheboi co-founded TechLit Africa. They redistribute recycled technology to build computer labs in African schools."

Forbes Under 30

"We believe that everyone deserves a level playing field, and that redistribution and adoption of technology is the most effective equalizer. We level the playing field for families in Africa by building computer labs in their local schools, equipped with games, videos, and lessons from our open-source curriculum software. Our research leads us to believe that this will increase GDP, decrease unemployment and improve the quality of life for any African country we partner with."

TechLit Africa

"We know our students and their potential. Having access to computers to open up hope for a better future, this is more than exciting! This is a mind-blowing blessing!

Janet Myers

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