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Who is praying for us?

Things way beyond my depth: Hunger. Abuse. Lack. Darkness. Illness, constant struggle... Fighting the fear, the pride, the control..or lack of control!

I want life for my friends to be easier. Happier. More fulfilling. And it seems my trying to help does not always help.

Some days I let bitterness reign. I allow fear to rule. I let cynicism win. Ask me how I feel then. Not hopeful. That's how I feel.

And then a friend, a song, a word from His Word reminds me that the One who formed us in His image and His love, has a plan. He says so. And what I need to do, since "doing" is my go-to, is to stop doing and instead give up the idea that I will make it better for everyone. Instead, take the action of giving it to the One who is trustworthy and true.

The darkness that lives and seems to permeate all of life, is nothing in the Light. Trust in Him who holds our future in His loving hands. Trust and surrender and remind ourselves that Jesus is praying for us! Romans 8:34 Jesus is also interceding for us. Hebrews 7:25 Jesus lives to intercede for us.

All these troubles and life situations, all these dear people who have hardship beyond my comprehension, Jesus loves them more than I do and He gives hope and peace. I keep praying and surrendering. Surrender does not mean I abandon them. It means that the God of Hope is trustworthy to complete what He's started and He loves unconditionally.

Faith. Believing even when the darkness and troubles threaten. Believing and walking in His light illuminates the next step forward. Praying is the most powerful thing I can do.

Pray with me. Join with us.

Kenya REAL

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