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Who Doesn't Want to Make the World a Better Place?

Wow it's been a tough year! And I don't need to tell you all what's been going on because you have been caught in the middle of it just like every one else.

One thing that this virus has NOT done is changed our desire to help as many of our kids as possible. The way we do this ---with you helping---is reach out to kids in Kaptembwa slum.

Esther is a child that we met in 2019 and her smile is captivating with a little bit of mischief thrown in! Her family has been shut up in their 11x15 home with out electricity or running water. Her family struggled to find job before the pandemic and now, the struggle is even tougher. Our school, Calvary Hope was shut down and kids were stuck with nothing to do. By God's grace and your support, Pastor Henry continued to go around in the community making sure Esther's family and the community had food.

We have seen and we know that empowering a child, like Esther, to get an education and two hot meals a day gives a hope that the next day can be better. Esther and other children from the slum deserve a chance to make the world a better place too!

We ask you to continue with us in prayer, in giving financially, and in sharing our needs to others so they can be part of this amazing family in Kenya. Our dream is to expand Calvary Hope School to reach more children. This is a big dream because there are so many kids that need to be empowered through education and also grow into the person God made them to be. Ours is a Christ centered education and we know that learning doesn't stop when they get through grade 8! Our goal is to have a bigger school so that we can advance into teaching kids a trade, such as sewing, baking, cosmetology, computer science and more.

Big dreams, big goals, and a big God that has already begun a great story here in Kenya! As we come to the close of 2020, I encourage you to give to impact and make a big beautiful difference in Kenya as we partner with Pastor Henry Nyamweya. Lives have been changed, I am a witness!

To God be the glory!

Kenya REAL

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