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Well they did it!

Sure enough, Scott, Kim, and Josie met the challenge and plunged all in! Thank you brave souls that you are!

Thank you for spurring us on and raising awareness!

Thank you for plunging in and challenging us to impact our kids across the ocean!

They inspired us to give and raise funds so kids can get an education at our school in Kenya. Not only an education but food! There are no guarantees of food on a day to day basis, but when a child is at Calvary Hope, they are given two hot meals a day. I don't know about you but I learn better when my stomach isn't growling!

They have raised awareness and funds over $1,300!

Thank you for being a voice for these children. Education is never a waste. It's a gift that goes on and on.

p.s. If you would like to give even though they have already warmed up from their plunge, head to our donate page on our website: Thank you!!

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