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This Is The Only Time I Like Math!

Have you ever heard the song where the lyrics say...

"The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone,

and the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone;

the leg bone's connected to the knee bone...." and so on all the way to the top?

Well, we have a fantastic way for you to connect and multiply when you give towards growing our school, Calvary Hope School, in Kenya.

Here's how it adds up....

When you donate to help us build more classrooms...

Another donor matches your gift and doubles it.

Workers are hired and earn an income,

They build strong brick classrooms,

More children get to enter through classroom doors

They learn and grow to bless their communities,

And that's how your loving gift grows!

We want to actively seek to love God and open up doors to let the children in. You are joining us to grow the school so we can offer vocational training. Some students are geared more for hands-on learning and living and we want to give them the opportunity to grow also.

Education is not limited to memorization and ritual. We want education to be holistic, well rounded, and give each student the chance to know that God loves them, God made them all with unique gifts, and God gave them a voice and talents to share His goodness and grace!

Space is limited but we do not want to put limits on our students! Help us grow to open and welcome kids off the streets and also students whose grades may make them think they are not worthy. Let's get their hands on learning a trade!

We have a donor that will match gifts up to $1,900!!

That means your gift of $5 is actually $10. Your gift of $25 is actually $50! Your gift of $250 is actually $500!! This is the kind of math I like!

To give to grow our school, go to:

OR, you may write a check to Kenya REAL, 12750 Pronghorn Oak, San Antonio, TX 78253

Thank you for breaking limits! To God be the glory!

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