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The Balance!

There we were, following this bike rider down the busy, slippery wet road. Vans honking for passenger pickup, pigs trotting across, and here this man is delivering a loaded up stack of easily broken eggs! The determination! The focus! The steadiness. Living undistracted takes practice! Bob Goff talks about living undistracted and taking responsibility where we need to and action when we can. He says, "What if heaven is itching to surprise you right now? What if God's plan for you is the absence of any clear plan at all? If you knew everything you needed to do, you wouldn't need faith anymore. We can't control all the way things turn out, but we can influence them if we keep showing up in anticipation that God is not only in front of us and behind us but also beside us and with us."

Be REAL with us. Team Kenya 2022 Building On Jesus

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