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Tears In A Bottle

"You have taken note of my journey through life,

Caught each of my tears in a bottle.

This I know for certain: God is on my side."

Psalm 56

We have struggle and pain and yet we have a promise that God is by our side. In fact, He catches our tears in a bottle! Not just a few tears. Not when He may remember;

EACH tear. "..each of my tears in a bottle."

Wow! This bottle, my bottle, your bottle must be a very big bottle!

Some days that bottle must look like a five-gallon bucket!

These words are so reassuring. Not only does He catch our tears, but this tells me it's ok to cry.

It is ok to be troubled and scared and wondering. He knows our journey. He is by our side.

That is a promise.

God always keeps His promises. Claim it. Believe it. Trust Him.

Abigail is a child of the King. Jesus knows her name! And He also knows yours.

Kenya REAL

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