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What Is The Reason?

Without going through a lengthy timeline of all the times I have been in Kenya, all the precious people I've met, and all the stories of how the Lord is working, I'm going to cut to the chase...

God wrecked my heart.

Scooping out slimy bits of kale and tomatoes from a big, dented pot, I had so many hungry children pushing around me, I was almost trampled. This kind of behavior was foreign to me. Looking around at desperate faces fighting for tiny bits of food broke my heart. Hunger is ugly.

These were kids that just moments earlier were laughing, jumping around, and happy. I saw so much beauty! 

Ugly and beauty exist together and my heart ached.  I felt God whisper to me "Feed my children. Love my kids." 

From that moment going forward, I've been asking, God's been convicting, and YOU have been giving, praying, supporting, and helping to make life better for our kids in Kenya. Thank you!

Our school's Feeding Program makes sure all of our kids get two hot nutritious meals, five days a week now. More children are coming off the streets, through our strong walls, and into our classrooms. One even has computers in them!! Calvary Hope is growing and trying to meet the many needs of children that are often forgotten and invisible. 

What is the reason we keep sacrificially giving? Why do we give these kids who are far across the world and in a different culture our attention and compassion?

Love is the reason we keep filling up our little eyedropper, keep filling it up and emptying our ocean one drop at a time. 

We keep throwing, one by one, the millions of starfish on the beach back into the ocean. 

We are not here to eliminate poverty, to eradicate hunger, to insure each student stays in school and finishes..... 

The reason we go and serve is because...... we are here to love.

God loved us first. That makes us live differently. 

Love Jesus. Love others. Live to love.

I John 4:19  We love because he first loved us.

Thank you for being REAL.

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