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REALationships Is What It's About

One of the philosophies of Kenya REAL is we believe the gospel travels best on the road of relationships. REALationships.

Pray with us. Come along side us.

"Blessed are we who remember that we are not our job titles or paychecks or 401(k)s, but we are being called, whether we like it or not to something greater than ourselves. God, what is your call on my life? I am listening. Blessed are you who wonder if you'll ever find your vocation. You who desire to be part of the solution to the world's pain. May God nudge you in exactly the right direction, where your gifts meet great need. Blessed are you if you have stepped away from a job due to retirement or a diagnosis or a life change. Life is different, but your purpose remains. Blessed are you when you wonder if your calling will cost too much-- you who do the good, hard work of serving others. The way you pour out may often go unnoticed. But today, may you feel fresh wind in your sails because this is more than a job: this is a call. In our inbox, bless us. In our conference calls, bless us. When we clean and build, punch in and punch out, grant us meaning. Give us people to serve, customers to love, good work to do. And pour back into us more than we pour out. After all, we're only human." Kate Bowler

Kenya REAL

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