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Nudges From Who?

Do you sense urgency? Maybe it's more than a coincidence. Maybe, there's a nudge in your soul, in your heart to do something. There is a nudge I've been trying to dismiss, but the nudge is becoming more frequent. This nudge keeps me up at night. And during the day, tears come in my eyes seemingly for no reason. I pray for clarity. I pray to be used to put a smile on my Father's face. But, I don't want to offend. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfy---myself included. And that is when the nudge has been the pushiest. So here goes. That nudge I'm going to nudge your way and pray that you'll talk to God about this and we can unite together.

"If my people(you who call Jesus your friend and your Savior and those of you who want to), who are called by my name, (the name of Jesus) will humble themselves (the dictionary says humble is: to lower in dignity or importance aka ask for forgiveness and realize I can't fix this mess we're in) PRAY (talking with God, crying, laughing, laying it all out, giving thanks to God) and seek my face ("Look Up Child") and turn from their wicked ways (pride, lies, jealousy, not loving like Jesus, gossip, etc. things we do every day that just aren't the right thing and those things we need to be doing cuz they're love), then I will hear from heaven,(Hear my prayer oh Lord!) and I will forgive their sin (Jesus died a horrendous death but won and lives now) and will heal their land. (That's the US and that's the WHOLE World.) 2 Chronicles 7:14. Is anyone with me? We can pray anytime, anywhere, because God is everywhere, all the time. Will you agree with me in prayer? Our Father has no political affiliation. Our Savior loves us in our skin color no matter what that may be. So, let's humble ourselves and seek Him. He's not hard to find actually. We say His name. He's nudging. Kenya REAL

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