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Lifted Lockdowns

When the President of Kenya announced the lockdowns were lifted, we got right to it making sure our school, Calvary Hope, is ready for students. And, that the students are ready to finally be back in the classroom!

The opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, stable environment is something our kids deserve of course! But, not every child has the capabilities financially.

If a child can't go to school, they also aren't guaranteed any meals. Lack of food, water, clothing (uniform) is a reality for many in our community in Kenya.

That's why school is much more than the learning. School is where a child is seen. Where they hear that there is a God who loves them. Where they can be empowered to set goals and dream dreams. Where they can see themselves with hope and a future.

If you want to know more about how you can pray for a child and lovingly support to make a big impact, please head to our website and check out your opportunity to invest called the "CHOSEN Program".

Prayer is a crucial part of our relationship with our Kenyan friends. Not only does prayer connect us with the One who made the universe, praying for our kids in Kenya shows to them that we love them, we see them, we care about them. They matter to us and to our Father in Heaven.

Our school, Calvary Hope, is ready. Windows have been reinforced, hand washing stations are ready, our committed teachers are eager, and nutritious meals will be hot. Our kids deserve the chance to be in a classroom. The possibilities are opened and the kids are made aware of their potential!

Praise God for His faithfulness! The virus, the lockdown are not in charge; Jesus is.

Thank you for praying and blessing our friends in Kenya!

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