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Everybody Does This.....

Can I really convey how much your support and prayers mean and how much they impact our children's lives at Calvary Hope? Not really. But here is one way that you may not realize.... Where most of our students live, there is no electricity or running water and also, no bathrooms in their homes. They have to use a communal toilet that has a few holes in the ground floor surrounded by a wooden structure and a couple of rickety doors. Does anyone clean them? I have no idea. I have only seen a "structure" once as I was walking through the slum and it was not pretty. I don't know where the closest one is for each student. I don't know how far they have to walk. I have no idea if they are safe when they have to use the toilet at night. What I do know is that when our students go to school, Calvary Hope has seven bathrooms for boys and seven for girls. These bathrooms are cleaned twice a day and there's privacy. Plus, there are hand washing stations right there to keep them healthy! This is a big deal that you are part of. When you support Calvary Hope and the work God's doing there with each and every student, you help to make sure that the most basic needs are met. So, there is just one big way that you are impacting their lives in a positive way. The subject is not the most pleasant but as the title of a book says, "Everybody Poops"! Thank you very much for loving these children in Kenya. Thank you for caring about people that Jesus cares about! We want more children to have this opportunity to learn in a safe, healthy environment. We want to grow Calvary Hope to support more and more children. Your gifts and your prayer gifts are such a blessing!

If you would like to know more about Calvary Hope and the opportunities to impact children's lives in a REAL way, check out our website

Pictured below are some of the beautiful hand washing stations!

May God bless you and fill you with His hope and joy!

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