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DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT---Woohoo!!! This pandemic is not stopping the work!

This virus has left a mark and lives have been damaged. Not being able to go to school has caused a ripple effect of abuse, rape, and depression. But I am SO happy to tell you that our school, Calvary Hope, is growing stronger---thanks to YOU and by the grace of our Savior!

Our new mandated kitchen is coming along beautifully because You are giving! And, right now you can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Pastor told me that the workers have gone home for now because the funds are depleted. There is still work to do and we want you to know that when you give, your gift doubles! Until September 7, 2020, your gift will double in size because we have a matching donor!! Now is the time! We still need only $750 more!! And your gift doubles. Your $10 becomes $20. Your $25 becomes $50. Your $...... doubles!! Now is the time to Double your impact!!! You have options on how to give---for Online head to and THANK YOU! If you would rather write a check please send it to Kenya REAL, 12750 Pronghorn Oak, San Antonio TX 78253 THANK YOU!! This matching gift goes till September 7,2020---this coming Monday! Now is the time where your gift is multiplied! Share this with all the people you know would like to impact children's lives in Kenya. God is faithful and He is growing our school and improving it so more children have a safe, stable environment to learn and grow in, give women JOBS to support their family and bring dignity! God bless you indeed---Mungu akubariki! Kenya REAL Ministries

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