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Did You Know...

Did you know… That our friends living in Kaptembwa often go to bed hungry? That bathrooms are few and not safe to go to in the evening? That girls are often looked over and forgotten? That fresh water is hard to find? That so many need to know they are loved and are made for a purpose? These are heavy words to read! Poverty is a burden that is hard to carry. Imagine, just for a moment, what does a child dream about, plan for, wish, and pray for? Is there light in the all the darkness they see? Did you also know... That for such a time as this, we are here to make a positive impact and help encourage justice for the poor and the vulnerable, for the forgotten and the hungry. This work is big! Christina Andriese says, "There are two types of people in the world: those who say, 'Something must be done,' and those who say, “There is something I need to do.” Good intentions or feelings are a start, but unfortunately they don’t always translate into actions that actually bring heaven’s justice and restoration. Our goal should always be to serve people—especially the most poor and vulnerable—in the most effective, compassionate ways possible." God will use you and me to bring His hope. Justice looks like you and me, with our exact talents, gifts, callings, and passion. The world misses out if we think we cannot make a difference and get stalled with the thought "we are only one person". Justice and impact is not limited to our job or no job, church or no church, our family, or our free time. No, justice is much bigger than that. It is our birthright!

We have seen God move in mighty ways at our Calvary Hope School, in Kenya. "For such a time as this", we will be bold, seek Jesus in all His wisdom, and lean into our kids in Kenya. Help them see that we care, we love them, and they have hope and a future! Help them to see what God their Father sees--His image!

Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for loving others in Jesus name! Continue praying for us as we plan to leave for Kenya October 12. This is a movement, God's movement that starts with our "Yes!". Kenya REAL

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