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Celebration Time!

Onward and Forward!!

It is time to Celebrate!! *clap clap clap* Congratulations! These kids are graduating and on to Class One at Calvary Hope School!

God bless them all so much and we pray that they grow in His grace and do their best. It has been a very tough year and here they are, they did it!

This is a big step and we are so proud of these children. Thank you for your love and prayers for Calvary Hope and the students and staff.

These are future leaders in their families and in their community! They are in the process of learning about their world and their purpose in it. It's quite outrageous isn't it? That we who live across the ocean can pray for, support, and love these kids!

What a tremendous opportunity to impact and set the wheels of change in motion. Change for the better with more opportunities, more possibilities, and more chances to love others!

We see these kids and we don't need to wait. We can right this second pray and thank our Heavenly Father for these kids. Each one is special and made in His image. Prayer is the BEST gift you can give because God is always there never leaving us and always hearing us.

Katie Davis Majors says, "Hope is a daring seed that you plant with prayer again and again, because this is the way your life yields more joy.”

Hope---the name of our school in Kenya is Calvary Hope. Plant the seed of Hope for these kids stepping into the next step. You can help these kids dream big by loving them in prayer; by serving them in prayer. A conversation with the One who made us all! And, if you feel He's telling you to support financially, know that your gifts Reach, Empower, and are an Act of Love.

I realize that it's daunting. I get overwhelmed about changing the world. How does one even do that? I don't. We don't but Jesus does and IS changing the world. We can make a difference in the world ONE PERSON at a time. If one person is helped and empowered and loved and they see the love of Jesus in us, change is inevitable.

Life is built on all these moments. These opportunities big and small make a difference. I have to pinch myself sometimes that God who can do all this Himself--He made the universe---asks me and you to be a part of His story! Just us regular people serving a remarkable God.

Thank you and may the God of hope fill you with His peace and joy! Kenya REAL Ministries

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