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Be Extraordinary at Ordinary!

We want to make a difference, of course!

As we go through life, the things that get our blood pumping and our hearts connecting are sometimes hard to nail down or define. We get distracted. We can lose our focus. We have questions. We may think we have nothing to offer.

In Kenya, how can we serve the growing number of children that are coming through Calvary Hope School's gates? And the children that are wandering the streets, how can we help them? They are coming from extreme struggle and darkness. What can we do to make the world a safer place for them and share that Jesus never leaves them?

We build relationships! We get to know these children by spending time with them, playing with them, guiding and listening to them. We chat with our Teachers and hear their struggles and their joys. We teach what we know and we stay open to learning.

Joining our team opens up opportunities for God to use you right where you are at. The ordinary for you can be an exciting eye-opener for our Kenyan friends. And this works both ways! Just by leaning in, being interruptable, and present, God uses us in extraordinary ways.

Our human hearts want to help--it is how God made us! We are made to serve. And this is a GOOD thing!

Many of you pray and give financially to this ministry and you are such a blessing! You are being used to grow our school and make sure more and more children can get off the streets and into our safe, stable environment.

Some of you have been on mission trips with us---and your heart has forever been changed. Please share with others this opportunity to use ordinary people to do the extraordinary and make a difference in the lives of these kids.

And to you that have had the thought, the nudge to join us, listen to that nudge. We are still looking for people to join us on our mission team this October. Just our ordinary selves wanting to reflect Jesus who is extraordinary.

Every single day you will do ordinary things. If you choose to do those things in an extraordinary way, then you change the world. Do it often enough and extraordinary things often become ordinary. Changing the ordinary changes the world.

Come with us. Partner with us. And then hang on.....change is coming!

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