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Are You Looking For Good News?

"Hallelujah! Thank God! And why? Because He's good, because his love lasts." Psalm 106:1 And thank God because our kids are back in school at Calvary Hope! There are new mandates--more washing stations and masks and we see God working through providing. Thank you for helping to make this possible and loving our friends in Kenya! A new year to learn! A fresh time to start. The kids are excited and so are we. We partner together to reach out and empower, to act in love. This being REAL is how positive change happens. Our kids need and deserve an education where they can find their potential. Where they can learn to take care of their world around them and discover the talents God's given them. Pray with us that Hope will thrive and kids will flourish. This is God's school and we all are His kids. If you want to be part of this exciting growth where we cling to the Hope and promise that is in Christ Jesus to "never leave us" to work in us and our neighbors in Kenya to do what makes Jesus happy and glorify Him, (Philippians 2:13) pray with us, support us financially, and tell others of the loving impact we can make!

Thank you!

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