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Lifting "Wait"

You have been asking how things are going in Kenya and if I know it, I want you to know it...

Your prayers and financial support are impacting lives in a very real, raw way. The little boy in the above picture is lifting up the kilos of corn flour. 

How was he able to get this flour since all Kenyan schools are closed, a curfew is in place, and his family has no job?

Because you are giving. Because you are praying. Because you are loving.

I have the honor of talking with Pastor Henry almost every day online. Every chat with him has the words---"God is blessing us". This virus has us all waiting. Waiting for it to end and for our lives to get back to somewhat normal. What Pastor sees each and every day are people waiting for food, waiting to know there's hope. Waiting....

And in this waiting, God is moving. He is using Pastor Henry, Eunice, and Pastor Charles to go to the families of our church and school. 

This Tuesday as they are walking up to the door of a home, it's been raining, hard. Dodging the cold drips coming off the roof, they enter the tiny, dark home. Their eyes adjust and they can see Melvine, her mama and siblings sitting on the bed they all share.

If you have a picture in your mind's eye of what hopelessness looks like, insert it here. No job, rainy and wet, running out of food, and a mama just wanting to make sure her children will be ok.

Hope can come in the waiting. Because as Mama Melvine waits and has no idea what to do next, across an ocean, you've been praying and giving. And God is always present.

Pastor Henry leans in and listens. He hears the struggles. He recognizes and relates to them. He waits and listens because he loves them. And in tender, simple words Pastor Henry tells Mama Melvine's family that Jesus loves them.

This. Is. Holy. Ground.

Praying, surrendering, giving their lives to a Father that knows them and a Savior that died for them. In the waiting comes Hope. Hope in knowing that this is not their real home but their Heavenly Father has prepared a place for them. (John 14:3)

Hope in knowing they are loved. Hope in knowing that they won't go to bed hungry tonight because, after they prayed, Pastor Henry walked out the door to the van and grabbed two bags of corn flour for them. And they know they'll have ugali to fill their stomachs.

Almost every day, when Pastor shares the love of Jesus with the families he visits, they want more--more of Jesus!

I hear often how God is using Pastor and you to bring others to Him! And, I don't want to ever take for granted the amazing grace that is evident. In this time of waiting, wondering, and uncertainty, God is moving in people's hearts. More people every day---seriously every day, are giving their lives to Him, finding Hope in Him. And you are part of this celebration! A celebration that you and I are sharing with the Angels in Heaven! 

Thank you for generously giving to make sure our families are getting food to sustain them and soap to keep their hands clean from the virus. We still wait and we still can make an impact. Pastor needs prayers for health and safety. Prayers for the food not to run out. Prayers for more hearts to be open and hands to be lifted to accepting Jesus.

Psalm 107: 8,9 

"So thank God for His marvelous love, for His miracle mercy to the children He loves. He poured great draughts of water down parched throats, the starved and hungry got plenty to eat."


Kenya REAL Ministries

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